Lynkia fingers her pussy and ass after a lesson.

January 7th, 2018

Lynkia is a sexy older woman who recently started taking tennis lessons. Her husband pretty much ignores her in bed so she now has to find an outlet for that energy. She got a tennis coach she thinks is hot, but he won’t fuck her either. After a good lesson where he had his hands all over her she ran home, stripped out of her uniform and started fingering her shaved pussy. She might be an older woman, but that pussy is still very tight. As she fingered her clit she rolled over on her side and slipped a finger into her ass. It felt so good she came hard and nearly fell off the couch. If the coach would make his move she would let him fuck that amazing ass. Older women need a lot of sex and Karup’s Older Women understands that. They hook these older babes up with younger studs and get them all the dick they need. There is so much fucking going on they have to update the site all the time just to keep up with the action.

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