Kate spends the afternoon in bed.

December 10th, 2017

Kate went to her morning appointments then got home and realized her pussy was dripping wet. She went into her bedroom, stripped down and laid on the bed. She started rubbing her clit and it felt so good her hips started to grind and pump as she fucked herself. She wanted some real cock, but it seems all the younger guys she craves are intimidated by a hot older woman. She got herself close then plunged a finger deep inside her pussy and and sent herself over the edge. She came so hard she nearly bucked herself off the bed. As she came down from the orgasm she relaxed and caught her breath. She was feeling better, but knew she would have to cum a couple more times before she was going to be fully satisfied. The satisfied members of Karup’s Older Women enjoy full access to a ton of mature babes getting naughty and regular updates to keep the action fresh and wild.

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