Kate is 39 and addicted to cock.

December 7th, 2017

As she gets older Kate finds that she needs dick more and more. Her husband just can’t keep up so she has a few guys she knows that service her when she needs it. She invited this guy over and met him at the door naked. She pulled out his dick, sucked him then got on top and rode that hard cock. She came so many times she couldn’t stand up so he put her face down on a table and continued to pound her. Her entire body convulsed with pleasure as she got fucked and came over and over again and again. When he couldn’t hold out any longer she opened up wide and got a nice batch of hot protein down the throat. He left and she was so wore out she needed a nap. Karup’s Older Women is packed full of horny older women getting all of their needs taken care of. The satisfied members have access to more mature pussy than they could ever fuck in a lifetime.

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