Katalin fingers while on vacation.

December 9th, 2017

Sexy older babe Katalin was on vacation with some friends. One afternoon she was in her bikini and out on the balcony of the room she was staying in. As she soaked up the sun she could see a guy checking her out so she decided to give him a show. She started by just taking off her top and walking around topless then she bent over and eased her bottoms off. Once she was nude she bent down, spread her legs and started fingering her pussy. She knew the guy was watching her and that just turned her on more as she fingered her still very tight pussy. Once she came she motioned for the guy to come down and told him her room number. Her finger felt good, but she needed some real cock. Older women are not shy about going after what they want and Karup’s Older Women brings you all that aggressive sexuality in their site. With tons of regular updates you will always have plenty older women in heat to enjoy.

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