Dylan shows off her pussy pounding technique.

December 6th, 2017

Dylan was bored at work one day so she set up the video camera and decided to make a sexy video showing off how she gets herself off. Once the camera was rolling she stripped off her clothes then sat down in her chair and started playing with her pussy. She rubbed her clit while playing with her nice big tits and got herself nice and wet. She went into her purse and got out her toy, turned it on and pressed it on her clit. It felt so good her entire body went rigid and she closed her eyes to concentrate on the pleasure. She slid the toy inside her while fingering her pussy and sent herself over the edge. She came right there in her office at work then slowly brought herself down. When she was done she got dressed, watched the video and erased it. What she didn’t realize was that she didn’t really erase it, she just moved it to a different spot on the hard drive so a co-worker of hers found the video and sent it into Karup’s Older Women so all the satisfied members of the site could see what Dylan was up to at work.

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