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March 24th, 2018

When she brought the younger guy home to fuck her Anette knew she was in for a good time. When he told her to get naked, but leave her high heels on, she knew he was going to rock her world. He didn’t ask questions or tell her lies, he just bent her over the couch and hammered that pussy like there was no tomorrow. She moaned as he split her pussy wide open with his hard cock then pulled her down on top of him and flat impaled her on his thick love muscle. She came twice before he rolled her over onto her back and put her legs up over his shoulders so he could pound that pussy. He hit it like it owed him money then pulled out and decorated her pretty face with a load of hot ball batter. He was 10 years younger than her, but just what she needed so she told him she would need his services a few times a week. The horny older women at Karup’s Older Women keep the fun and good times rolling. They know what they want and exactly how to get it.

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March 18th, 2018

Sharon is a lonely, horny housewife with nice big tits and a tight pussy. Her husband works so many hours that he hardly ever fucks her anymore so she decided to take things into her own hands and get some action on her own. She met this guy in a chat room and invited him over. She was so horny she answered the door nude, took him right to the living room couch and started sucking his cock. He licked her pussy until it was good and wet then laid her down and dropped the meat hammer on her. He fucked that wet hole like there was no tomorrow, drilling away on it and making her moan with pleasure. This guy fucked her so good she told him that he could do anything he wanted to her. He made sure to take her up on the offer. The horny older women in Karup’s Older Women don’t play games. They want to fuck and they get what they want. With a ton of regular updates you will always be up to date on the hottest new mature hardcore action.

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March 16th, 2018

Who wants to get head from some 19 year old chick that doesn’t know what she is doing when you can have a hot, mature bombshell that really knows how to suck a cock work your pole? This mature babe loves giving head and is great at it. She fished this guy’s dick out of his pants and sucked it like she was working a chicken wing. Giving him head got her so turned on that she had to have more so she had him lay flat on his back and she got on top of him, controlling the action and bouncing up and down on that cock. She let him fuck that tight, pink pussy until he was ready to burst then as he was set to explode she took it in her mouth and swallowed all the cum down her throat. Now that is how you want your dick sucked! The mature women at Karup’s Older Women know what they are doing in bed. These babe love it and go for it. Give them a look and see why the members are so satisfied that they never leave the site.

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March 15th, 2018

Holly is just a few days shy of her 40th birthday, but if you just looked at her you would never know it. She is smoking hot and has a body that is rocking. And this girl loves to fuck! She is shameless about hooking up. She found this guy online and invited him over. Three minutes after he got there she was on her knees sucking his cock. Mature women take charge and Holly was going to get hers. She threw him down on the bed and jumped on top of his cock, riding him and taking him balls deep inside her. After she came once he put her on her knees and pounded her hard from behind, drilling like he was looking for oil until she came again then he pulled out and shot a hot batch all over that sweet round mature ass. Karup’s Older Women knows that mature babes need a lot of cock so they make sure that they get whatever they need. There is so much fucking and sucking going on in this site they have to update all the time just to keep up with the action.

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March 13th, 2018

Janet is a redhead which means she has fire in the crotch. She hooked up with a guy from her job, went back to his place and started making out with him. He kissed her so good she just let herself go and let him undress her. Once she was nude she went to her knees and started sucking his dick. She got him good and hard then got on top of him and sank down on that hard cock. She came almost the minute that his dick was inside her. She bounced on his dick, spun around and rode him like a dirty cowgirl. She got off twice, cumming on his cock and clamping down on it with her pussy as she lost her mind. When he was finally ready to burst she opened up wide and let him empty his balls into her mouth. Karup’s Older Women loves seeing older women getting fucked and sucking cock. Their site is so hot the satisfied members keep cumming back month after month so they can enjoy the non-stop action.

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March 12th, 2018

Carolyn is one of those MILFs that gets more and more horny as she gets older. Now that she is in her early 40’s she craves cock all day every day. She had this guy over to do some work on the house and he did such a great job that she decided to reward him with a wet blowjob. She got so turned on sucking his dick that she got on all fours and told him to fuck her hard. He put the cock to her and slammed her so hard her tits were swinging as she was cumming. She came once then got on top and rode that dick until she came again. He pulled her over onto her side and continued to pound that bald pussy until she came one last time then he pulled out and blasted all over her pretty face. Karup’s Older Women is filled with hot older babes getting slammed, sucking cock and getting so naughty the satisfied members of the site always get a towel before the log in because they know things are going to get sticky.

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March 10th, 2018

Brandi is in her late 30’s and she craves cock. It had been nearly a year since this hottie got laid and she was finally sick and tired of waiting so she called up a guy she knew and invited him over. When he got there she didn’t give him time to resist, she yanked his pants down and swallowed his cock down her throat. She sucked him until he was hard then she got on top of him and slid down that hard cock. He fucked her fast and hard, slamming her and making her nice big melons bounce. She rode him into the bed getting hers and cumming over and over again and again. Her ass is so fine he couldn’t keep his hands off of it as he fucked her until he finally collapsed exhausted. Karup’s Older Women is full of hot mature babes like Brandi getting all the cock they want. There is so much hardcore action on the site that they are always updating it with new, wild stuff.

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March 9th, 2018

Anette went out and bought a new chair. The next day when the delivery driver dropped the chair off she met him at the door in her bra and panties. Instead of a tip in cash, she decided to give him some head. She got on her knees and sucked his dick then he put her in the chair and licked that wet pussy. He switched spots with her and sat in the chair so she could sit down on that hard dick and rode him. She bounced on it and came then let him lay her down on the chair, put her legs up over his shoulders and he fucked her hard. The next time this mature babe orders some furniture you know he will be delivering it. Karup’s Older Women loves watching mature babes in action. They have a ton of movies and pictures and are always updating the site with hot new mature babes all the time.

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March 6th, 2018

This older woman knows exactly how to use her body to get what she wants. She hadn’t had sex in almost a year when she saw this hot guy next door out mowing his lawn. She invited him over for a cold drink and instead of lemonade she gave him head. He didn’t complain, just laid back and let her suck his cock. Once he was hard he bent her over and slammed it from behind. He plowed her pussy deep then let her get on top and do some of the work. When he was ready to explode she went to her knees and let him shoot his hot load all over her chest. The older women on Karup’s Older Women know how to please a man and go for theirs. With tons of regular updates you will stay up to date on the wild happenings of all the mature hotties that are out on the prowl.

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March 4th, 2018

This mature bombshell has a body that is full of dangerous curves and she loves showing it off. She celebrated her 45th birthday with some new, sexy lingerie and couldn’t wait to model it. As she strutted around the room in high heels her huge tits nearly fell out of the tight top then she bent over and ran her hand down her long nylon clad leg and shows off her big ass. The lingerie felt good against her skin, but she wanted more so slowly, seductively she slipped out of it then let her fingers find their way into her already dripping wet pussy. Karup’s Older Women celebrates mature women and loves everything about them. Forget younger chicks that don’t know anything, these older women will rock your world. With plenty of regular updates you will be knee deep in mature pussy week in and week out.

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