Karen gets fucked while her husband is at work.

December 13th, 2017

Karen is in her early 40’s and her sex drive is in high gear. She needs to get fucked every day and her husband just can’t keep up. So when he goes off to work she calls her younger stud up and meets him at the door in sexy lingerie. There is no mistaking what they are here for –  they go right to the bedroom and get naked. She sucks his cock to get him hard then throws him down on the bed, crawls up and impales herself on his hard cock. She rides him, bumping, bouncing and grinding on his dick until she cums. After she gets off she gets on all fours so he can pound that pussy as hard as he wants. As he cums she swallows it all down the hatch then sends him home and gets in the shower. The satisfied members of Karup’s Older Women get full access to tons of hot hardcore action featuring the hottest mature babes getting wild.

Pam seduces a younger guy to satisfy her needs.

December 12th, 2017

Hot, horny older woman Pam has sex on her mind all day every day. One afternoon at the store she ran into a younger guy she thought was hot and invited him back to her place for lunch. When she got him back to her place she wasted no time getting his long cock down her throat. She sucked him until he was hard then she got on all fours and let him drive it in her from behind. He fucked her hard and fast, making her nice big tit swing. She wanted to cum so she got on top of him and rode that cock like a rodeo queen, slamming herself down on it until her entire body was convulsing with pleasure as she came so hard she forgot her own name. He pulled out and plastered her nice tits with a hot load then left her on the bed for an after-fuck nap. The mature babes of Karup’s Older Women only get hotter and hornier with age. Check out these babes in action and enjoy all the hardcore fun the satisfied members get access to every day.

Kate is 39 and addicted to cock.

December 7th, 2017

As she gets older Kate finds that she needs dick more and more. Her husband just can’t keep up so she has a few guys she knows that service her when she needs it. She invited this guy over and met him at the door naked. She pulled out his dick, sucked him then got on top and rode that hard cock. She came so many times she couldn’t stand up so he put her face down on a table and continued to pound her. Her entire body convulsed with pleasure as she got fucked and came over and over again and again. When he couldn’t hold out any longer she opened up wide and got a nice batch of hot protein down the throat. He left and she was so wore out she needed a nap. Karup’s Older Women is packed full of horny older women getting all of their needs taken care of. The satisfied members have access to more mature pussy than they could ever fuck in a lifetime.

Lucky got lucky and came on a hard dick.

November 26th, 2017

When it comes to meeting guys Lucky is named perfectly. She was out at a bar one night and met this hung younger stud so she took him back to her place, got him in bed and took his meat hog down her throat. She sucked him until he was rock hard then got on top of him and impaled herself on his hard dick. She took it deep, cumming over and over again as he slammed it into her then he rolled her over onto her back, pulled her legs up to the side and held her down on the bed as he drilled her wet fuck pocket like a jackhammer breaking pavement. He pounded her, his balls slapping into her as he buried the meat in her and made her cum again the he pulled out and filled her mouth with hot ball batter. The satisfied members of Karup’s Older Women get access to tons of regular updates featuring sexy older women getting their brains fucked out by hung younger guys.

Mature babe Lynda wants her pussy licked.

November 23rd, 2017

Lynda invited this guy she had met over to her house one afternoon for lunch. After they ate they were sitting on the couch and she laid down and put her head in his lap. They sat talking for a few minutes then she asked him bluntly, “Would you eat my pussy?” He responded by sitting her up, kissing her and taking off her blouse. He got her out of her bra and licked her nipples while he pulled off her skirt and panties then he laid her out flat on her back and dove into her pussy. He started slowly, licking her clit and slipping his tongue in just a little bit. Once he had her dripping wet he thrust his tongue into her and full on fucked her with his mouth. She was writhing in pleasure as he tongue fucked her, making her cum right on his lips. As she came she clamped down on his head with her legs, driving him deeper inside her. It was the best dessert he had ever had. The satisfied members of Karup’s Older Women get to see hot mature women like this in action every day. Check them out and see hardcore fun for yourself.

Gina is the best lay in town.

November 21st, 2017

Gina is in her early 40’s and she has been around the block enough times to know exactly how to satisfy a man. Many of the guys in town know about her skills and beg her to practice them on ‘em. This lucky guy got a date with her and after a cozy dinner and some talking she took him home and gave him head he will never forget. Once she sucked him hard she got on top of him and rode him like a pro surfer on a wave. She took that long cock deep insider herself and came all over it then let him get on top of her and pound her still tight pussy like there was no tomorrow. When he was ready to bust a nut she opened wide and sucked every last drop of the man gravy out of his dick. If you are the kind of guy that knows that older women just get better with age check out Karup’s Older Women and see what all the satisfied members are raving about.

A mature woman finally gets the dick she’s been craving.

November 19th, 2017

Michaela is a sexy older woman who seems to have trouble getting dates. She likes younger guys, but for some reason younger guys seem to be intimidated by her. One day she met this guy working at a store and invited him over when he got off work. He showed up and she wasted no time. Like a caged animal that had finally been freed she sprung on his cock sucking him until he was rock hard then she got on top of him and rode that hard dick. She took him deep inside her and ground on his dick until she came. His cock was throbbing with pleasure as he bent her over and fucked her deep from behind. She took it all and begged for more then let him splash his load all over her pretty face. If you like seeing older women doing what they do best Karup’s Older Women is for you. They feature a ton of horny older women getting busy and have plenty of regular updates to keep all the mature pussy flowing like wine.

Liz rides that dick like she is 19 again.

November 16th, 2017

Liz is in her mid 40’s but looks like she is in her mid 20’s and she has the banging body and super tight pussy to fool just about any guy. She loves hitting the clubs and seducing younger dudes. She got this guy home and pulled out his cock. She sucked him like he had never been sucked before. This older woman is so orally gifted she almost made him cum in her mouth. She wanted more though so she stopped sucking, bent over and let him drill that tight slice from behind. He pounded her deep and hard with long, fast strokes and made her cum all over his cock then he rolled over onto his back and let her ride that dick with a smile. She took every inch and loved it. When she was finally done with him she jumped off and sucked his dick until he came so hard he forgot his name. When she told him her real age he thought she was lying and demanded to see proof. Who knew older women could be this hot? Karup’s Older Women knows that many women just get better and hotter with age and their site is packed with mature hotties to prove that point. Check out these skilled older babes in action.

Samantha doesn’t waste a drop of jizz.

November 15th, 2017

Samantha had always had a crush on her gardener so one day when he was done she offered to let him use her shower. He accepted and while he was in there she joined in. He rubbed her amazing tits then let her go to her knees and slobber on his knob until he was throbbing hard. He bent her over the toilet and slammed it to her from behind, splitting those pussy lips like a pro bowler. Finally, he lifted her up and laid her down on the sink, pounding away at her pussy like he was mad at it. He couldn’t hold out any longer and had to cum. When he pulled out she took him in her mouth and swallowed every drop of hot man gravy from his balls as he came down her throat. Karup’s Older Women updates regularly with horny older cum sluts like Samantha. They have a ton of content to keep their members satisfied.

Debbie does the entire block.

November 11th, 2017

Debbie has a husband that works hard, but never seems to have time to fuck her so when he goes to work she invites other guys from the block over to hook up with. This guy just moved into the neighborhood so she decided to give him a nice welcome to the block blowjob. Once she had him standing tall she bent over and let him dip that cock into the pussy well from behind. He grabbed her hips and pulled her back on his dick, burying it balls deep and making her moan so load the entire block could hear. As she came he fucked her hard and made her entire body pulse with pleasure then he pulled out and exploded all over her, covering her nice tits with hot spunk. Karup’s Older Women is full of sexy mature babes hooking up with younger guys to get their needs taken care of. Check out the regular updates and see what all the satisfied members are talking about.

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