Anette brought a stud home to clean her pipes.

October 21st, 2017

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It had been too long since Anette had been laid so finally she decided to do something about it. She called up her personal trainer and asked if he could make a house call. When he got there she was wearing some sexy lingerie and didn’t waste any time getting out of it. She told him she had a different type of workout in mind as she went to her knees and pulled his cock out of his pants. She sucked him until he was rock hard then she told him to pound that pussy. He bent her over and went to work. They fucked all over the couch. He took her from behind, she rode him and she ended up on her back with him slamming away on her like that pussy owed him money. She came three times on his cock and begged for his cum. Check out to see him drop a hot load down her ready throat. They have plenty of regular updates and tons of satisfied members enjoying these horny older women.

Brandi doesn’t waste time with small talk.

October 19th, 2017

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A guy asked Brandi out and she accepted. They had a nice dinner and went to see a movie then when he took her home she invited him inside, pulled his dick out and started sucking it. He got the hint and took her to the bedroom, got her naked and laid her out flat on her back so he could pound her sweet, shaved pussy. He fucked her hard, his balls slapping against her then he rolled over and let her get on top so she could grind on his cock until she came. When she came she squeezed his dick so hard he couldn’t hold out. She had said she was in the mood for dessert so he shot a load of hot baby batter right into her mouth and let her gobble it down. Brandi is just one of the many horny older women that all the satisfied members of Karup’s Older Women get to see in action. Watch these hotties give their all on that hard dick.

Heather loves a hot cum shower on her tits.

October 18th, 2017

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Heather loves to get fucked. As she gets older her sex drive has gone through the roof and now all she can think about all day and night is hard dicks slamming in and out of her dripping wet pussy. She met a mechanic and took him home to show her some of her skills. As she wrapped her mouth around his wrench and sucked him until he got hard and was begging to fuck her. That is what she wanted so she laid back and let him drive his hard dick into her wet pussy. He fucked her so hard she had fabric burns on her back from him drilling her into the couch then as he was ready to cum she begged him to shower her so he pulled out and fired his hot load all over her nice big tits. Karup’s Older Women brings you tons of content and regular updates of horny older sluts getting into their sexual primes and living out their fantasies.

Mature Missy loves younger cock.

October 15th, 2017

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Missy may be in her 40’s but she still loves the college guys and often hits the campus to find a hung stud to take home. She was at a frat house party one night when she met this guy and after a few drinks ended up in his room. She pulled out his 21 year old dick and sucked it like he had never been sucked before then she laid back on his bed and told him to hammer her pussy like he was pounding nails. He did as she told him to and slid that meat into her, slamming on her and fucking her senseless. She came all over his rock hard dick and begged to taste his load in her mouth so he pulled out, straddled her face and let fly. At Karup’s Older Women they have plenty of hot older babes that are just getting into their sexual prime and are on the prowl for some hard cock.

This filthy nurse knows how to cure what ails men.

October 13th, 2017

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Brandi is a fit, horny older woman that works as a nurse. She had a patient with some chronic back pain so she decided to give him some alternative therapy. She took him to a room, got him naked then stripped for him. She sucked his cock then she lay on her side and told him to put his cock in her tight pussy and pump her until his back was relaxed. He started slow then built up some speed. His back felt better the faster he pumped. He fucked that dirty nurse until his back popped and felt better than he had felt in years. Her sweet pussy had cured his back pain. Now he just needed to get a prescription so that he could get some of that sweet pussy every week. Karup’s Older Women has tons or real hot older women getting down and dirty and loving that cock in their sweet vintage pussies

Rayveness fucks the younger guy next door.

October 12th, 2017

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Rayveness had a younger guy move in next door to her and she had always thought he was hot. One day she asked if he could help her move something. He was happy to help then after he did the job she told him she wanted to give him something to say thank you. She fell to her knees, pulled his cock out and started giving him head. He didn’t stop her. Her mouth felt so good he was hard in seconds then he lifted her and took her to the bedroom where he laid her back and slammed his rock hard cock deep inside her. He pounded her older, wet pussy like there was no tomorrow. It had been five years since she had even been laid but more than a decade since she had been fucked like this. She let him take full control of her body as he worked her hard. Karup’s Older Women is packed with horny older housewives finding younger guys to seduce and get crazy with. All the regular updates on the site will keep you busy for months on end.

Monica gets her mature, shaved pussy pounded hard.

October 10th, 2017

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Monica might be in her 40’s but she looks like she is in her 30’s and she loves younger guys. She knows how to please a man so when she met this guy she didn’t waste any time. She got right down to business and got him into her bed so he could suck her nipples and lick her pussy. She blew him until he was hard then rolled onto her side so he could slide his throbbing prick deep inside her. He slammed her tight, wet and warm pussy like there was no tomorrow and really turned her out. She got on her hands and knees so he could go deep inside her and hammer her like a carpenter hanging sheetrock. She loved it so much she came three times and begged him to empty his balls down her throat. Check out Karup’s Older Women to see her get hammered more and watch her drains his balls into her wet and ready mouth.

She can take a dick all the way down her throat.

October 3rd, 2017

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Rayveness is proof that older women are better in bed. She pulled this guy’s pants down and stroked his dick while she licked and sucked on his balls. She then took his dick in her mouth and deepthroated. She can take a dick balls deep down her throat and not even gag. Once she had him hard she got on her back and pulled him down on top of her so he could drive his hard cock deep inside her. She loved every inch of that dick buried inside her and told him to really go for it. He slammed away on her well aged pussy and made her cum then he pulled out and exploded all over her nice round tits. Karup’s Older Women has tons of sexy mature babes that are in heat and craving cock. With all their regular updates you will be knee deep in hot older pussy for years to come.

Heather knows how to please a man.

September 30th, 2017

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Missy gets some younger dick deep inside her.

September 29th, 2017

Missy gets some younger dick deep inside her.
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Missy is a very horny older woman. One day she was at the grocery store and saw a fit younger guy she thought was hot. She asked him if he could come back to her place and help her fix something. When they got to her place she yanked his pants down and started sucking his cock. She got him hard then laid back and let him drive that hard meat rod deep inside her seasoned pussy. She came twice on his hard cock as he pounded on her. He fucked her deep, fast and hard like he was drilling for coal in the mountains then he flipped her onto all fours and really got his balls swinging as he slam-fucked her. Her pussy felt so good he couldn’t hold out long so he pulled out and shot a load all over ass and back. All of the satisfied members of Karup’s Older Women get access to tons of hot older women getting naked and getting fucked. Their regular updates will keep you in more MILF ass than you can shake a stick at.

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