Sexy mature babe Chloe explores her kitty.

April 1st, 2018

Sexy mature babe Chloe explores her kitty.

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Chloe is almost 40 and is in her sexual prime. She thinks about sex all the time and can’t get enough. One afternoon she was chatting with a guy online and decided to give him a treat. She turned on her webcam then did a sexy, seductive striptease out of her hot lingerie. Once she was naked she let him see her whole body then she laid down, spread her legs wide and started playing with her pussy. She might be almost 40 but that pussy is still as tight as a vice and will wrap around your cock like a glove. She rubbed her clit then as she got wet and warmed up she started fingering herself. She slid two fingers inside herself then pressed her thumb on her clit and sent herself over the edge with a full body shaking orgasm. She finger banged herself until her pussy was so sensitive she couldn’t take it anymore. He loved the video so much he sent it into Karup’s Older Women and asked that it be included in one of the regular updates. Chloe was just too hot to keep to himself, he had to share her with Karup’s satisfied members.

Devon is a very dirty housewife.

March 29th, 2018

Devon is a horny, lonely housewife that craves dick. Her husband works so much she never gets all that she needs so when she needs to get off she gets out her toy. This morning her husband was already gone so she pulled off her little top, sat on the couch and pulled her thong aside. She started rubbing her clit while she sucked and licked her vibrator to get it nice and wet. Once she had her toy wet and ready to use she slid it in her hungry pussy and fucked herself with it. She started out slow at first, but built up speed quickly and sent herself over the edge with a very hardcore orgasm. Her pussy leaked, staining the couch as she continued to drill away, cumming again and again. Horny mature women like Devon are all over Karup’s Older Women looking for some hard dick to satisfy their needs. With plenty of regular updates there is always a new mature hottie online to enjoy.

Lynika uses all of her favorite toys.

March 27th, 2018

For some reasons guys seem intimidated by sexy mature Lynika so she rarely gets enough sex to satisfy her over the top sex drive. So a woman like this has to have an assortment of toys. She laid back naked on her bed, grabbed her first toy, a nice vibrating dildo and pressed it on her clit. Once she was nice and wet she drove it deep inside herself and came all over it. She fucked herself until she came twice then pulled it out and grabbed the big vibrator. As she pressed that against her pussy her entire body was hit with a wave of pleasure as she came again. She never wanted it to stop so she just laid there on the bed with the toy on her pussy cumming over and over again and again. The horny older women in Karup’s Older Women do what it takes to satisfy their needs and they take all the satisfied members of the site along for the wild ride.

Lucky lets a younger guy work her pussy.

March 25th, 2018

Lucky just had her 40th birthday and her sex drive has kicked into overdrive. She thinks about dick 24/7 and is always dripping wet. She met this guy that is half her age at a store and flat out asked him to come back to her place and fuck. It wasn’t long before she was flat on her back with his hard dick slamming in and out of her. He fucked her on her back, doggy style and on her side before finally letting her get on top and ride his dick with a smile. She took his dick deep in her until it hit the g-spot and made her lose her mind with pleasure. She didn’t even remember the guy’s name, but she was cumming all over his rock hard dick and loving every second of it. Karup’s Older Women treats all of their satisfied members to the hottest mature pussy on the internet. These girls just get better with age.

A sexy older woman gets off in the dining room.

March 23rd, 2018

Michaela got home from an afternoon of shopping and decided that she didn’t want to wait to try out the new toy she had just bought. She quickly stripped, exposing her hot body. She might be an older woman, but she has the body of a chick half her age. She fingered her clit and got herself nice and wet then she sat down on the dining room table and slid her new toy into that tight box. She fucked herself deep and hard, the new toy hit her g-spot and made her moan and thrash around. She then drove it deep and it felt so good she came hard right there on the table. Older women are always horny and on the prowl for cock and Karup’s Older Women understand that. They hook these mature babes up and let all the satisfied members watch all the hardcore action. Give it a look and enjoy some older pussy for yourself.

Felony’s pussy is so tight it should be illegal.

March 20th, 2018

Felony is a nice woman who decided to do something a little crazy on her 40th birthday. She hired a photographer to take some naughty pictures of her. She started out in a short little dress, but that didn’t last long. Soon it was off and she was naked, her enormous tits just hanging there begging to be sucked on. She spread her legs open and showed her pierced clit off then stood up and spread her nice round ass. The photographer tried to keep it professional, but when Felony asked him if he wanted a taste he dove in like he was in an all you can eat buffet. Karup’s Older Women is full to the roof with hot older women that just get better as they get older. Give them a look and see why all the satisfied members of the site keep coming back to party with these older babes.

A horny housewife gets hammered.

March 18th, 2018

Sharon is a lonely, horny housewife with nice big tits and a tight pussy. Her husband works so many hours that he hardly ever fucks her anymore so she decided to take things into her own hands and get some action on her own. She met this guy in a chat room and invited him over. She was so horny she answered the door nude, took him right to the living room couch and started sucking his cock. He licked her pussy until it was good and wet then laid her down and dropped the meat hammer on her. He fucked that wet hole like there was no tomorrow, drilling away on it and making her moan with pleasure. This guy fucked her so good she told him that he could do anything he wanted to her. He made sure to take her up on the offer. The horny older women in Karup’s Older Women don’t play games. They want to fuck and they get what they want. With a ton of regular updates you will always be up to date on the hottest new mature hardcore action.

Brandi welcomes a new neighbor.

March 17th, 2018

Brandi is a smoking hot milf with a great rack, a nice round ass and a pussy that is fully shaved and vice tight. Her husband is so busy with work that he ignores her half the time so she has her own fun. She had seen a new guy move in a couple of doors down so she decided to check him out and invited him over for a little welcome lunch. After the food she gave him a nice desert that featured his cock in her mouth. She took him to the bedroom where he laid her down and drove his cock deep in that tight, now soaking wet pussy. He fucked her hard then she pushed him over and got on top of him, grinding into that dick and cumming her brains out. When both had gotten their fill she gave him a sandwich to go and told him to come see her anytime. Karup’s Older Women understands that this is how a lot of mature babes roll. They see what they want and they go get it and this site brings all the hot, hardcore action right to the satisfied members.

Holly gets fucked hard.

March 15th, 2018

Holly is just a few days shy of her 40th birthday, but if you just looked at her you would never know it. She is smoking hot and has a body that is rocking. And this girl loves to fuck! She is shameless about hooking up. She found this guy online and invited him over. Three minutes after he got there she was on her knees sucking his cock. Mature women take charge and Holly was going to get hers. She threw him down on the bed and jumped on top of his cock, riding him and taking him balls deep inside her. After she came once he put her on her knees and pounded her hard from behind, drilling like he was looking for oil until she came again then he pulled out and shot a hot batch all over that sweet round mature ass. Karup’s Older Women knows that mature babes need a lot of cock so they make sure that they get whatever they need. There is so much fucking and sucking going on in this site they have to update all the time just to keep up with the action.

Devon explores her pussy with a toy.

March 14th, 2018

Devon is the hottest chick on her block and she in her late 30’s. Her body is so amazing every guy on the block is always coming around to see if she needs some help. One afternoon a guy came by and she answered the door in a tight little top and a thong. She invited him into the living room and slowly peeled her thong off. He sat and watched as she rubbed her clit until she was dripping wet. She pulled out her favorite toy and slid it inside, working her wet pussy and making herself writhe around in pleasure. She reached down with her free hand and rubbed her clit while fucking herself with that toy. She came hard then told the guy to take his pants off and stick his dick in her. He did exactly what she told him to. Karup’s Older Women celebrates horny older women getting their needs fulfilled. There is so much action on this site they have to update it all the time just to keep up with everything that is going on.

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