Mature Kelly gets drilled by the pool boy.

April 5th, 2018

Mature Kelly gets drilled by the pool boy.

Kelly is an older woman that lives a pretty boring life. She thinks about dick all the time, but can never seem to find a guy that can keep up with her. One day her pool boy happened by to clean the pool while she was relaxing by it. He made his move and started rubbing her nice big tits. She wasted no time getting his dick out of his pants and into her mouth then once she had him hard she lifted her skirt and sat down on that now throbbing hard rod. She rode him like there was no tomorrow, cumming twice on his dick and telling him to pound her harder. He bent her over and fucked her like he was a jackhammer breaking rock then pulled out and splattered his load all over her nice round tits. He cleaned the pool and took off, leaving her nude and exhausted right where he had found her. The sexy, horny mature women at Karup’s Older Women are always getting into wild adventures like this. Just ask the satisfied members and they will tell you this is the best place to see mature babes in action.

Renee shows off her skilled, perfect pussy.

April 4th, 2018

Renee shows off her skilled, perfect pussy.

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Renee knows that a woman is like a fine wine or cheese; they just get better with age. Forget the young chicks who don’t even know how to suck a dick, an older babe like Renee will suck your cock like it is a piece of corn on the cob and she hasn’t eaten for days. Here she stepped out of her house dress to show off some sexy thigh high stockings. She eased out of her bra and panties then she got down and dirty, spread her legs wide open and went to work on her dripping wet pussy with her fingers. This babe was so horny it didn’t take long until she was cummng her brains out. If you can appreciate a fine mature woman check out Karup’s Older Women they know how to treat a guy and with their regular updates there is always a mature hottie there to rock your world.

Alexis works her mature pussy with a toy.

April 3rd, 2018

Alexis works her mature pussy with a toy.

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Alexis looks half her age, but don’t be fooled, this mature babe knows her way around the dick. Sadly she couldn’t find a guy so she went home, stripped naked and got out her favorite toy. She started off by fingering her clit and teasing herself then she slid that toy in slow and deep. She stabbed herself with it then built up speed as she got closer and closer to cumming. She fucked that pussy hard and sent herself over the edge, but one orgasm wasn’t enough, she wanted to cum twice so she got on all fours and kept pounding away on her sweet wet pussy. Karup’s Older Women know how please and they have been delivering their hot, wet goodies to the satisfied members for a long time. Skip the younger, inexperienced girls and give these sexy women a spin.

Samantha wants a hot lunch filled with protein.

March 31st, 2018

Samantha like to have a May December relationship

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Smoking hot older babe Samantha has a very high sex drive. She had a guy that would swing by the house a few times a week and service her whenever she needed and today was one of those days. She had him come over then she took him into the bathroom to shower with her, but she was so horny and hungry they never even got the water one. She stripped him, blew him then pressed him up against the wall and backed up onto his cock. He fucked her all over the bathroom: on the toilet, on the sink against the wall and on the floor. She came twice then when he was read to cum she dropped to her knees and took his hot load of man juice into her mouth and swallowed it down. She got to cum, and got a hot lunch. Mature women like Samantha aren’t afraid to tell guys what they want. You can ask the satisfied members of Karup’s Older women. They get to see tons and tons of movies and pictures of sexy older women getting exactly what they want and having all their needs fulfilled

Veronica is an older woman but still smoking hot.

March 30th, 2018

Veronica a hot milf

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Veronica is in her late 30’s but her body is still tight and looks fantastic. And you know what they say about women, when they hit their late 30’s they are just getting into their sexual prime. Veronica says her pussy is wetter now than it has ever been before and she thinks about fucking 24/7. She was too horny to think straight so she slowly stripped off her tight dress and unleashed her amazing tits. She played with her nipples then slid her panties off. It wasn’t long before she was on the couch fingering and playing with her super wet, still tight clam. She got her favorite toy, turned it on and slowly teased her clit. It felt too good to hold back any longer so she plunged it deep in her pussy. She fucked herself hard while she fingered her tender clit and made herself cum so hard she nearly passed out. Once she had came her brains out she licked her toy clean and put it away. She was satisfie
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Janet gets the fucking she craves.

March 28th, 2018

Janet was making out with this younger guy and wanted it bad so she reached down and grabbed his cock through his jeans. She wasted no time fishing his dick out of his pants and jacking him off as they continued to kiss then she went down and gave him the best head he had ever had. Older women know how to suck cock and she was all over it. She got him nice and hard then crawled on top of him like a bad girl and sat on that dick. She took him balls deep, bouncing and grinding on him and working her hips in a way that made him moan with pleasure. She took it deep in and came on his cock then jumped off and let him cum in her wet mouth. Karup’s Older Women is all about mature babes getting what they want. They are so busy getting fucked they site is updating all the time with hot knew stuff.

Chloe is one hot older woman.

March 26th, 2018

Chloe is like a fine wine that just gets better with age. She had an amazing body and loves to show it off. After spending the day out running around town in a cute, tiny little top she came home and pulled it off so she could feel her amazing tits. It only took a minute for her to slide out of her skirt, panties and bra then once she was fully nude and her amazing body was on full display she laid back on her couch and fingered her still tight, pink pussy. She didn’t care that anyone who was walking by the house could look in the window and see her. Karup’s Older Women celebrates these hot, horny older babes as they finger, toy, fuck and suck. They may be middle aged, but they are so hot the satisfied members of the site have to get a towel before logging in because they know it is going to be hot and wet.

Anette gets drilled into next week.

March 24th, 2018

When she brought the younger guy home to fuck her Anette knew she was in for a good time. When he told her to get naked, but leave her high heels on, she knew he was going to rock her world. He didn’t ask questions or tell her lies, he just bent her over the couch and hammered that pussy like there was no tomorrow. She moaned as he split her pussy wide open with his hard cock then pulled her down on top of him and flat impaled her on his thick love muscle. She came twice before he rolled her over onto her back and put her legs up over his shoulders so he could pound that pussy. He hit it like it owed him money then pulled out and decorated her pretty face with a load of hot ball batter. He was 10 years younger than her, but just what she needed so she told him she would need his services a few times a week. The horny older women at Karup’s Older Women keep the fun and good times rolling. They know what they want and exactly how to get it.

A hot mature babe shows off the goodies.

March 22nd, 2018

She just hit 40, but she is still sexy as hell. For her 40th birthday this hot MILF decided to do something a little wild. She grabbed her video camera and decided to make a tape for her ex-husband to show him what he was missing out on. As the tape rolled she strutted around the room and did a hot striptease. As she got naked she made her way to the couch where she sat back and spread her legs open. She used her fingers to spread her pussy open and tease her clit. She was so wet she decided to finger that still tight snatch right there. She got herself off then sent him the tape. He knew she was a great fuck and still looked good and he also thought the guys at Karup’s Older Women would like to check her out so he sent them a copy of the tape. They saw it and had to put it up on the site during one of their many regular updates.

A horny mom fingers her cookie.

March 21st, 2018

Renee is a middle aged housewife that has found her sex drive shooting through the roof as she gets older. The problem is the more she wants it the less her husband gives it to her. This morning she dressed in some hot lingerie for him, but he still just ate breakfast and went to work. Once he was gone she decided to take care of her needs herself. She stripped off her top to show that her tits are still nice and perky then off came the panties. She sat down on the couch and opened up her mature legs then spread that pussy wide open. It was still nice and pink, tight and dripping wet. If she could only find a cock to fill it up. The satisfied members of Karup’s Older Women know that these older chicks need more attention and they are willing to give it to them. Check it out to see hot mature babes sucking, fucking and getting all the dick they can handle.

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