Brenda loves having naked fun.

February 23rd, 2018

Sexy, mature Brenda was lounging around her house after the football game was over. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to go shopping or get off. Just the idea of cumming on her favorite toy got her wet so she tore off her jersey and rolled around on the bed looking for her toy. Once she had it in hand she pulled her panties off, licked her fingers and started playing with her sensitive clit. She slid her silver rocket into her tight, shaved pussy and turned the vibration on high. She worked that love pocket deep with long slow strokes while she pressed on her clit and she came so good her legs shook and her toes curled. It felt so good that once she was done she could just lay there on the bed like a wet noodle. Karup’s Older Women features tons of regular updates packed with hot older women showing exactly what kind of dirty things they are up to.

Bridgett drills out her sweet mature pussy.

February 22nd, 2018

Bridgett is a horny older woman who was sitting around the house bored one afternoon and decided to have a little fun. She was in the mood and knew her husband wasn’t going to fuck her so she set up her camera and snapped some pics for him to show him what he was missing. She posed in her sexy outfit then dropped it to the floor letting the camera capture her nice body. Once the panties were off she sat on the couch, spread her pussy open and slid her favorite red vibrator into it. She fucked her sweet love hole deep and fast, making herself moan and cum all over her toy then she slid it back in and kept pounding away. When she was done she sent the pictures to Karup’s Older Women and emailed the link to her husband. If he didn’t want her body, she knew Karup’s satisfied, horny members would.

A hot older woman gets naked in the laundry room.

February 20th, 2018

This older woman was in the kitchen of her apartment. She had a little extra room in her last load and nobody was around so she decided to strip down and throws those clothes into the wash machine. She got down to her panties, her amazing tits hanging out, then she decided to take the panties off too. Just as the panties hit the water and she shut the lid she realized a guy was watching her and taking some pictures with his phone. She smiled for him then she hopped up on the wash machine, spread her legs open and showed her shaved pussy off. He shot a ton of pictures of her showing that great body, sweet ass and tits and that wet pussy. When the laundry was done the guy took off. He sent a bunch of the pictures of this mature hottie into Karup’s Older Women and they included them in the site during one of their regular updates.

An older babe shows off her still super tight pussy.

February 17th, 2018

This hot blond mature bombshell has a pussy so tight you would swear that she was only 18 years old. She took off her blouse and skirt then relaxed on her bed. She might be nearly 40, but her body is still banging and that pussy is perfect. She let her hand wander down her body and come to rest on her pussy. She started to slowly rub it then spread her legs open, spread her pussy lips and started fingering her clit. She has just hit her sexual prime so her pussy is always wet and her rubbing it got her so turned on she came almost instantly. Karup’s Older Women knows that as women get older they just get better. They are always craving dick, but when they can’t get it they use their hands, toys or whatever they have around to take care of the job and they love knowing that all the satisfied members of the site are watching them. It makes it just that much hotter.

A busty housewife strips in her kitchen.

February 15th, 2018

This hottie decided to make a hot little tape for her husband one afternoon. She was cleaning the kitchen so she set his camera up on the table and started doing a hot striptease. She opened up her top and let her amazing huge tits breathe. Once the skirt was on the floor she was just left in her panties. She smiled as she pulled her panties off and showed her landing strip shaved pussy off. She hopped up on the counter and spread her legs so she could really display that tight clam. When she was done she left it on the camera for him to find. What she didn’t know was that he then lent the camera to a buddy without seeing the video and that guy saw it and sent the video into Karup’s Older Women. During one of their regular updates they put it on the site and let everyone enjoy her hot show. I think her husband will be a little surprised when he sees it now.

Blond bombshell Oxana shows it all off.

February 11th, 2018

Oxana is blond, hot and has a body that can stop traffic. She is in her mid 30’s but her body is tight as hell and she loves showing it off. She slipped out of her blouse and skirt then she pulled her panties aside and started rubbing her pussy. As she got wetter she took the panties all the way off, spread her pussy wide open and started slipping a finger inside herself. She fingered herself until she could feel her entire body trembling with pleasure. When she came she nearly exploded with orgasm. It felt good, but now she wanted some real cock. Karup’s Older Women is filled with hot mature babes getting naked and playing with their hot cookies. These babes are just hitting their sexual prime so the site gets regular updates just to keep up with all the action.

Brenda makes a sport out of getting an orgasm.

February 10th, 2018

Mature bombshell Brenda loves football. She woke up one morning in just her panties and a football jersey and could feel that her pussy was dripping wet. She decided to have a run with her toy before heading to work. She tossed off the jersey, yanked her panties off and grabbed her vibrator. She laid flat on her back, spread her legs wide open and started rubbing her clit with her fingers while she slowly eased the toy into her pink pussy. As she got it deep inside she rolled over onto her side and started fucking that pussy nice and hard until she had her own personal touchdown. Karup’s Older Women brings you the hottest mature babes from all over the place. These women are in their 30’s, 40’s,50’s and beyond and are just hitting their sexual prime. All of the satisfied members rave about how hot, wicked and wild these mature babes get.

Lisa Ann has the biggest tits on the block.

February 9th, 2018

It is no wonder all the guys on the block are always volunteering to come help Lisa Ann out around her house. She has some of the biggest tits you will ever see. She was standing in her kitchen one afternoon when she saw a guy had stopped by to weed her flower beds. She decided to thank him with a little show. She pulled her house dress open and let her enormous tits fall out then she dropped the dress to the floor and turned around, letting him see her ass in the thong she was wearing. As he watched she got fully nude, rubbed her super tight pussy and played with her massive melons. She told him if he cleaned out the garage she would let him suck on those tits. He grabbed his gloves and got to it. With a ton of existing content and all kinds of regular updates Karup’s Older Women is one of the largest and best mature women sites around. These older babes love to fuck, suck and play around and knowing they are being watched just turns them on all the more.

Kate gets fully nude at her office.

February 7th, 2018

Kate was working late at the office one night when she got an instant message from her boyfriend. He wanted to see her, but she had to stay late and work so she decided to take break and give him a hot little show on her computer’s webcam. She pulled off her suit jacket and stepped out of her skirt so she was just in her bra and panties. The bra came off, letting her nice big tits bounce freely then she turned around and eased the panties down. She bent over, spread her ass and let him get a nice look at that pink pussy. Little did she know the IT guy saw it all and recorded it over the network. He sent a copy of the video into Karup’s Older Women and they included it during one of their regular updates. Her private show isn’t so private anymore.

Hot, mature Hannah gets naked in her kitchen.

February 3rd, 2018

Hannah was screwing around with her new digital camera in her kitchen when she got an idea. She decided to take some pics of herself to try out the auto shoot feature on it. She set the camera up and posed. As the camera shot away she moved and decided to do a little striptease. She dropped her pants, bent over and showed off her nice ass and tight thong. As she got more comfortable she took off her shirt and felt her nipples get hard as the cool air him them. She peeled off the thong, lifted her leg up on the counter and spread her pink pussy wide open. When she was done she got real daring and sent the pictures into Karup’s Older Women. They put them up on the site and now all the satisfied members get to see her hot little striptease.

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