Karen gets fucked while her husband is at work.

December 13th, 2017

Karen is in her early 40’s and her sex drive is in high gear. She needs to get fucked every day and her husband just can’t keep up. So when he goes off to work she calls her younger stud up and meets him at the door in sexy lingerie. There is no mistaking what they are here for –  they go right to the bedroom and get naked. She sucks his cock to get him hard then throws him down on the bed, crawls up and impales herself on his hard cock. She rides him, bumping, bouncing and grinding on his dick until she cums. After she gets off she gets on all fours so he can pound that pussy as hard as he wants. As he cums she swallows it all down the hatch then sends him home and gets in the shower. The satisfied members of Karup’s Older Women get full access to tons of hot hardcore action featuring the hottest mature babes getting wild.

Lola uses her toy on her hairy pie.

December 11th, 2017

Lola just turned 40 and has a body that can stop traffic. She loves to walk around the house in sexy lingerie and sometimes she just throws an overcoat over it to cover up when she goes to the store. She gets home from the store, drops the coat and starts pulling the lingerie off. She is so horny she needs desperately to cum. Once she was naked she sat up on the table, spread her legs open and slammed her favorite dildo into her already soaking wet pussy. She fucked herself deep and fast, drilling her hole like she was looking for oil. She fell back on the table and came then rolled over onto her side and continued to pound away on herself until she came again. Karup’s Older Women brings you nothing but hot, horny mature babes toying, fingering and getting fucked. These ladies know what they want and get it.

Kate spends the afternoon in bed.

December 10th, 2017

Kate went to her morning appointments then got home and realized her pussy was dripping wet. She went into her bedroom, stripped down and laid on the bed. She started rubbing her clit and it felt so good her hips started to grind and pump as she fucked herself. She wanted some real cock, but it seems all the younger guys she craves are intimidated by a hot older woman. She got herself close then plunged a finger deep inside her pussy and and sent herself over the edge. She came so hard she nearly bucked herself off the bed. As she came down from the orgasm she relaxed and caught her breath. She was feeling better, but knew she would have to cum a couple more times before she was going to be fully satisfied. The satisfied members of Karup’s Older Women enjoy full access to a ton of mature babes getting naughty and regular updates to keep the action fresh and wild.

Katalin fingers while on vacation.

December 9th, 2017

Sexy older babe Katalin was on vacation with some friends. One afternoon she was in her bikini and out on the balcony of the room she was staying in. As she soaked up the sun she could see a guy checking her out so she decided to give him a show. She started by just taking off her top and walking around topless then she bent over and eased her bottoms off. Once she was nude she bent down, spread her legs and started fingering her pussy. She knew the guy was watching her and that just turned her on more as she fingered her still very tight pussy. Once she came she motioned for the guy to come down and told him her room number. Her finger felt good, but she needed some real cock. Older women are not shy about going after what they want and Karup’s Older Women brings you all that aggressive sexuality in their site. With tons of regular updates you will always have plenty older women in heat to enjoy.

Stephanie needs her tits squeezed and pussy fucked.

December 4th, 2017

Stephanie is that hot older woman on her block that all the guys are lusting after and she loves to put on a show for them. The guy that lives two doors down was over mowing her lawn so she decided to surprise him with a little striptease. She stood in front of the window and let her dress drop to the floor. Her tits are so perfect she doesn’t wear a bra. He saw her tits and stopped working. As he came to the window she moved to the couch and slid her panties off. She sat down, spread her legs open wide so he could see her tight, shaved pussy then licked her glass dildo and slid it inside her. She started to moan as she fucked herself then she pulled it out and licked her pussy juice off it. She looked at him and motioned for him to come inside. He knew all that yard work was about to pay off. Karup’s Older Women is full of horny older women that can’t get enough young cock. Check it out and see these mature babes in action for yourself.

Anna gets wild in the board room.

December 3rd, 2017

Anna is a hot mature bombshell that showed up for her weekly board meeting only to get a call and find out it was canceled. She decided that since she had the room to herself and had no place to be she would have some alone time. She quickly stripped off her business suit and took her thong off, but left her silky thigh high stockings on. She loved how the stockings felt on her legs as she sat back on the leather couch, spread her legs wide open and started fingering her wet pussy. She used one hand to work her clit in circles then the other to finger her wet love hole. It felt so good she was writhing around in pleasure on the couch, moaning and cumming her brains out. After she came three times she dressed and left. She never knew that a security camera caught it all on tape. Karup’s Older Women got the footage and put it up for all their satisfied members to enjoy.

Lindsay knows how to please herself.

December 2nd, 2017

One thing about older women that is true is that they are better in bed. They have experience and are better at getting themselves off as well as making their men cum. Lindsay was home alone one afternoon waiting for her husband to get off work, but she couldn’t hold out any longer so she stripped off the sexy little outfit she had on for him, fell back on the couch and pulled her legs back. She is still very flexible and can put her legs behind her head as she rubs her clit. She pulled her pussy lips apart, licked her finger to get it nice and wet the drilled it home deep inside her pussy. She pounded herself, really working hard like a piston on a car until she came so hard she nearly fell off the couch. After her second orgasm she was so wet she called her husband at work and told him to get home right then and fuck her. Karup’s Older Women brings you the hottest mature women doing the naughtiest stuff. With a ton of existing movies and regular updates you will never run out of mature pussy to enjoy.

Karen is the hottest mom on her block.

November 28th, 2017

Karen is a mom and a housewife and she has a body that can stop traffic. This babe knows she has the goods and isn’t afraid to show them off. She had a guy over to her house to photograph her garden and he wanted to take a couple of shots of her so she posed in a sexy outfit. As he continued to snap away she started to strip. He didn’t say anything; he just let the cameras roll. She took off her top and let her nice big tits fall out then she dropped the skirt and the panties and did a little spin so he could see her entire body. After he got some nice shots of her big tits, sweet ass and amazing body she jumped up on the counter and spread her legs open so he could get a shot of her nice shaved biscuit. When he was done he sent the garden shots to the magazine and the nude pictures to Karup’s Older Women so they could include them in one of their regular updates.

Laura shows that at her age she still has the goods.

November 27th, 2017

Some women are like a fine wine in that they just get better with age. Laura is almost 40 and her body is better now than it has ever been. She looked fantastic in her tight little dress, but when she pulled the top down to show that her tits were so perfect she didn’t need a bra it was jaw dropping. The dress hit the floor followed shortly by her panties then she relaxed on the couch fully nude. She spread her legs open and started rubbing her pussy. It is still as tight as a clenched fist and she loves rubbing her wet clit. She worked her clit in small tight circles and could feel the waves of pleasure washing through her body so she fell back onto the couch and slid a finger inside instantly sending her over the edge with an orgasm. Karup’s Older Women is a haven for sexy mature babes like Laura. With all kinds of regular updates and a ton of existing babes you will get lost in all the hot, naught older women.

Mature babe Lynda wants her pussy licked.

November 23rd, 2017

Lynda invited this guy she had met over to her house one afternoon for lunch. After they ate they were sitting on the couch and she laid down and put her head in his lap. They sat talking for a few minutes then she asked him bluntly, “Would you eat my pussy?” He responded by sitting her up, kissing her and taking off her blouse. He got her out of her bra and licked her nipples while he pulled off her skirt and panties then he laid her out flat on her back and dove into her pussy. He started slowly, licking her clit and slipping his tongue in just a little bit. Once he had her dripping wet he thrust his tongue into her and full on fucked her with his mouth. She was writhing in pleasure as he tongue fucked her, making her cum right on his lips. As she came she clamped down on his head with her legs, driving him deeper inside her. It was the best dessert he had ever had. The satisfied members of Karup’s Older Women get to see hot mature women like this in action every day. Check them out and see hardcore fun for yourself.

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