Anette brought a stud home to clean her pipes.

October 21st, 2017

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It had been too long since Anette had been laid so finally she decided to do something about it. She called up her personal trainer and asked if he could make a house call. When he got there she was wearing some sexy lingerie and didn’t waste any time getting out of it. She told him she had a different type of workout in mind as she went to her knees and pulled his cock out of his pants. She sucked him until he was rock hard then she told him to pound that pussy. He bent her over and went to work. They fucked all over the couch. He took her from behind, she rode him and she ended up on her back with him slamming away on her like that pussy owed him money. She came three times on his cock and begged for his cum. Check out to see him drop a hot load down her ready throat. They have plenty of regular updates and tons of satisfied members enjoying these horny older women.

Katalin likes to get naked outside.

October 20th, 2017

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Katalin was out on her deck in a bikini soaking up some sun and relaxing. She saw the guy next door watching her through his widow so she decided to give him a hot little show. She first pulled off her top and let him see her nice, perky little tits then she eased the bottoms down and bent over slowly giving him a great view of her sweet ass. While she was bent over she spread her ass cheeks so he could see all of her ass and her nice tight pussy sticking out. She knew his eyes were glued to her so she squatted down, spread her pussy wide open and started fingering her wet clit. She fingered herself right on the deck, her neighbor watching and anyone who might be walking by able to see. Knowing she could get caught got her so turned on she came right there and moaned loud enough the whole block could hear. Dirty older women like Katalin are what Karup’s Older Women specialize in. With regular updates they have tons of satisfied members that are all enjoying these naughty older babes.

Lola is the Milf you wished lived next door.

October 17th, 2017

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For some lucky bastard it isn’t just a fantasy, they actually live next door to hot Milf Lola. She is so horny and sex deprived that she walks around her house naked all the time and wants the husbands on the block to see her .Today she called up a guy that lives two houses down and asked if he could help her move some stuff. While he was on his way over she got into a sexy little lingerie outfit and waited. When he knocked she was going to let him in and then do a hot striptease for him. Once she was naked she would take his cock down her throat and finally get what she has been craving for too long. Karup’s Older Women helps horny older babes find hung guys to satisfy all their needs and all the satisfied members get to watch all the wild action as it happens.

Veronica loves showing her body off.

October 14th, 2017

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Veronica is the neighborhood freak. Her husband goes off to work and she is left home alone, horny as hell and with nothing to do. She loves wearing little or nothing as she goes out and gets the mail and will answer the door fully naked. One day she set up her camera and had it film her as she slowly stripped out of her sexy black dress. Her tits looked perfect then she eased off her panties and rubbed her still tight pussy. She moved her set-up to the couch where she got shots of her spreading herself wide open and drilling her pussy out with her favorite toy. When she got done she decided to send them all into Karup’s Older Women so they could include them in one of their many updates and let everyone enjoy her nice mature body.

Amy loves to take her clothes off in front of guys.

October 11th, 2017

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Amy is a sexy older woman who loves the attention of men. She knows what guys like and she knows hot to make them happy. She was talking to a guy she had been out on a date with and she decided to surprise him so she stood up and just started taking her clothes off. At first he thought she was joking but once she had her shirt off, and dropped her jeans to the floor so she was just in her bra and panties he knew she meant business. She took off her bra to show him that her small boobs were still very perky then she pulled off her panties, stood there nude and asked him what he was going to do to her now that she had no clothes on. He pounced on her like a lion on a gazelle. She set in pictures of one of her sexy stripteases to Karup’s Older Women and they posted them in one of their regular updates. She might not have the best body on the planet, but she is damn sexy.

Bridgett drills out her sweet mature pussy.

October 8th, 2017

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Bridgett is a horny older woman who was sitting around the house bored one afternoon and decided to have a little fun. She was in the mood and knew her husband wasn’t going to fuck her so she set up her camera and snapped some pics for him to show him what he was missing. She posed in her sexy outfit then dropped it to the floor letting the camera capture her nice body. Once the panties were off she sat on the couch, spread her pussy open and slid her favorite red vibrator into it. She fucked her sweet love hole deep and fast, making herself moan and cum all over her toy then she slid it back in and kept pounding away. When she was done she sent the pictures to Karup’s Older Women and emailed the link to her husband. If he didn’t want her body, she knew Karup’s satisfied, horny members would.

Brenda loves having naked fun.

October 7th, 2017

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Sexy, mature Brenda was lounging around her house after the football game was over. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to go shopping or get off. Just the idea of cumming on her favorite toy got her wet so she tore off her jersey and rolled around on the bed looking for her toy. Once she had it in hand she pulled her panties off, licked her fingers and started playing with her sensitive clit. She slid her silver rocket into her tight, shaved pussy and turned the vibration on high. She worked that love pocket deep with long slow strokes while she pressed on her clit and she came so good her legs shook and her toes curled. It felt so good that once she was done she could just lay there on the bed like a wet noodle. Karup’s Older Women features tons of regular updates packed with hot older women showing exactly what kind of dirty things they are up to.

Christiana gets wild and crazy in her back yard.

October 5th, 2017

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Sexy older woman Christiana decided to do something a little wild. She got her digital camera and went into the back yard. She set the camera on auto then let it start shooting as she got in front of it and started stripping off her clothes. She pulled off her tight dress and pulled down her bra to let her nice, perfect tits fall out. She spun around and pulled her sexy panties down and showed off her nice round ass. She sat down in a chair, spread her legs and started playing with her pussy. She fingered her clit and made her legs shake with pleasure. Her neighbors could have looked over the fence and seen the whole thing, but she was so turned on she didn’t care. Check out Karup’s Older Women for ton of hot older women getting down and dirty and doing things they never thought they would.

Carrie needs her pussy pounded.

October 4th, 2017

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Duuna is looking for someone to put it in her ass.

October 2nd, 2017

Duuna is looking for someone to put it in her ass.

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This horny mature woman loves to experiment with different things. She thought she had tried it all until she read an article about how good it feels for a woman to get it in the ass. She had always been a little hesitant about that, but decided she wanted to try it. The problem is she had no guy to give it to her. So she decided to fix that problem. She set up her camera and snapped some pictures of herself while she slowly, erotically stripped out of her dress. Off came the dress then she stepped out of the panties and spread her pink pussy open wide as the camera snapped away. She decided to use the pictures in personal ads as she looked for a guy to drill her in the butt. Karup’s Older Women is packed floor to ceiling with sexy older women that are open minded and looking for some good times and all he satisfied members get to see all this action as it goes down.

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