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December 8th, 2016

Now that she is 40 years old Chloe knows what she likes and what she doesn’t like. She knows how to please herself and isn’t shy about doing it. She loves to pulled her panties off, sit down on her bed and video herself as she uses her fingers to rub her tender clit. She would prefer to get fucked by a guy, but right now she doesn’t have a guy so her finger will have to do. She opens her pink pussy up and rubs her love button and quickly her pussy is so wet she is dripping on the bed. She rubs her clit more then slides a finger inside herself and sends herself into the throws of a full blow orgasm. As she cums her whole body shakes with pleasure and it feels so good her eyes roll back in her head. Older women know how to rock it and Karup’s Older Women is packed full of hot mature babes that love having the satisfied members of the site watch them get fucked, finger and suck dick like only experienced women can.

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December 7th, 2016

If you looked the phrase horny older woman up in the dictionary you would see a picture of Lucky. She is at an age where her sex drive is in high gear and she craves dick 24/7. This afternoon she was so horny she knew it was going to take two toys to satisfy her desires. She stripped nude and laid back on the couch then slid the first toy into her already soaking wet vagoo. It felt so good she spread her legs open and really started fucking herself with it. She went deep then grabbed the other toy and used it to tease her ass. The feel of that second toy pressing on her asshole while she drilled her pussy made her cum so hard her eyes roll back in her head like she was possessed. This older woman will throw you down, fuck your brains out and leave wrecked in her wake just like many of the horny mature babes at Karup’s Older Women. With all kinds of regular updates you will be have a constant supply of hot older pussy to choose from.

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December 6th, 2016

Monica is hot, horny stay at home mom who is always looking for the dick that her husband isn’t giving her anymore. She met this guy online and invited him over to her house. When he arrived she answered the door in some sexy lingerie and within a few minutes she was on her knees with his cock down her throat. She sucked him hard then pushed him down on the bed and got on top. She rode him like he was a roller coaster ride and she had a season pass, pounding herself into him over and over again and again until she finally came so hard she bucked like a wild horse. Her pussy was so tight he couldn’t hold out any longer so he pulled out and like the dirty mature slut she is she opened wide and let him bust a hot nut right into her mouth. Karup’s Older Women brings you nothing but the hottest mature babes in hardcore action from around the planet. With a ton of movies and regular updates you will always have a fresh hottie to check out.

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December 5th, 2016

Dani is a mature lady that works as a nurse at a local hospital. One day after spending the day giving the guys sponge baths at work she got home and her pussy was dripping wet. She didn’t even wait to get to the bedroom, she got her toy out of her purse, stripped out of her uniform then jumped up on kitchen table. She played with her tits while rubbing her vibrator on her clit the once she was ready to cum she stabbed that toy right into her wet love pocket. She came so hard she nearly fell off the table. She kept fucking herself until her entire body was convulsing with pleasure. After her third orgasm she got up and went to the bedroom to make some calls and invite a guy over. Now she needed some real dick. Karup’s Older Women is a site dedicated to hot mature babes. They understand that these women just get hotter and hornier as they get older so they give them all toys and cock they can handle and let all the satisfied members enjoy the show.

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December 4th, 2016

Cindy was doing laundry but couldn’t get her mind off sex. She got wet just thinking about getting fucked and almost unconsciously she started peeling her panties off and began rubbing her pussy and fingering her clit. She climbed up on the counter, spread her legs and finger fucked herself. She used her free hand to pinch and tweak her nipples then she spread her ass open and started playing with her ass while she used her fingers to make herself cum. Older women know how to get themselves off and they are doing just that all over Karup’s Older Women. With a huge existing library of mature porn and regular updates they will keep you knee deep in older women doing all kind of wild stuff.

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December 3rd, 2016

Sexy, mature housewife Carley waited until the family was gone then went to the kitchen to make some cookies. She meant to cook, but couldn’t concentrate because she was to horny. Her husband hadn’t laid her in months and she was getting ready to explode. She pulled off her shirt and started playing with her nice tits then she pulled off her shorts and panties and slapped her nice round ass. She bent herself over the counter and started fingering that wet pussy. She pounded herself hard and deep, cumming so hard she nearly collapsed on the floor. After two orgasms she decided to hit the shower, use the shower head to get off one more time then bake her cookies. Karup’s Older Women is full of sexy older babes that know how to please themselves and the men they are with. With a ton of regular updates they keep you stocked with a virtual buffet of mature pussy.

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December 2nd, 2016

One afternoon at the office Sienna had a co-worker come in with a video camera the company had just bought and asked her to pose for some video while he tested it. She posed and joked with him while he tried the different functions then she decided to give him a little strip tease. She unbuttoned her top and flashed her nice big tits in her bra. Doing it got her instantly wet so she decided to take it a little further. She pulled off her skirt then dropped the bra to the floor. One look at her massive tits had him speechless. When she pulled off her panties, sat on the edge of her desk and started rubbing her pussy he nearly lost his mind. She fingered herself until she came then told him to bend her over the desk and fuck her hard. You never know when mature women are going to get crazy. Luckily the satisfied members of Karup’s Older Women are always sending in hot videos and pictures of horny older women doing all kinds of naughty stuff so there is always some fresh, hot mature babe getting wild for us all to check out.

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December 1st, 2016

Bianca is probably the hottest MILF on her street. She has a banging mature body and loves to flaunt it. One afternoon she ran some errands and while out met a hot younger stud. She brought him home and before he even knew what was happening she had his cock down her throat. She sucked him hard then pushed him down on the bed so she could impale herself on his massive dick. She rode that thick prick like a pro, grinding and slamming into it until she came all over his rod. She had him hit it doggy style then she got back on top and rode it more until she came again. He couldn’t hold out any longer so he pulled out and fired a hot batch of baby batter all over her nice big tits and hungry mouth. Once he had came she told him to leave before her husband came home. Karup’s Older Women is packed full of hot, horny mature women that do whatever it takes to satisfy their carnal needs.

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November 30th, 2016


When she brought the younger guy home to fuck her Anette knew she was in for a good time. When he told her to get naked, but leave her high heels on, she knew he was going to rock her world. He didn’t ask questions or tell her lies, he just bent her over the couch and hammered that pussy like there was no tomorrow. She moaned as he split her pussy wide open with his hard cock then pulled her down on top of him and flat impaled her on his thick love muscle. She came twice before he rolled her over onto her back and put her legs up over his shoulders so he could pound that pussy. He hit it like it owed him money then pulled out and decorated her pretty face with a load of hot ball batter. He was 10 years younger than her, but just what she needed so she told him she would need his services a few times a week. The horny older women at Karup’s Older Women keep the fun and good times rolling. They know what they want and exactly how to get it.

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November 29th, 2016


Lucky just had her 40th birthday and her sex drive has kicked into overdrive. She thinks about dick 24/7 and is always dripping wet. She met this guy that is half her age at a store and flat out asked him to come back to her place and fuck. It wasn’t long before she was flat on her back with his hard dick slamming in and out of her. He fucked her on her back, doggy style and on her side before finally letting her get on top and ride his dick with a smile. She took his dick deep in her until it hit the g-spot and made her lose her mind with pleasure. She didn’t even remember the guy’s name, but she was cumming all over his rock hard dick and loving every second of it. Karup’s Older Women treats all of their satisfied members to the hottest mature pussy on the internet. These girls just get better with age.

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