Busty Felony strips it all off.

January 17th, 2017

Felony is a lonely housewife so when her husband goes to work she gets on her computer and chats with different people all over the globe. One morning she was talking to this guy on her webcam and he asked to see her boobs. At first she was a little hesitant, but then she took off her shirt and bra. Her amazing tits fell out and nearly knocked her computer over. She really got turned on knowing that he was seeing her topless so she took off her pants and panties and let him see her fully nude. She bent over and showed off her sweet round ass. She even rubbed her pussy and played with her tits for him. What she didn’t know was that he was recording the show and he sent a copy of it into Karup’s Older Women. During one of their regular updates they added it to the site. I wonder if her husband will find out.

Hot, mature Hannah gets naked in her kitchen.

January 16th, 2017

Hannah was screwing around with her new digital camera in her kitchen when she got an idea. She decided to take some pics of herself to try out the auto shoot feature on it. She set the camera up and posed. As the camera shot away she moved and decided to do a little striptease. She dropped her pants, bent over and showed off her nice ass and tight thong. As she got more comfortable she took off her shirt and felt her nipples get hard as the cool air him them. She peeled off the thong, lifted her leg up on the counter and spread her pink pussy wide open. When she was done she got real daring and sent the pictures into Karup’s Older Women. They put them up on the site and now all the satisfied members get to see her hot little striptease.

A hot older woman shows off her tight slice.

January 15th, 2017

This older woman is just about to turn 40 but her pussy is still as tight as it was when she was 19. She loves getting naked for the camera so when a guy asked her to pose nude she jumped at the chance. She slipped out of her top and let her amazing, perky tits out to play then she lifted her skirt and bent over to expose that sweet ass. The skirt and panties hit the floor and she was so comfortable being naked as the camera snapped that she sat on the couch and started rubbing her pussy. She spread her legs open and rubbed her clit hard until she came and he caught it all on camera. Lucky for us he sent some of the hot pics into Karup’s Older Women and they included them in one of their many updates so we can all enjoy this babes banging, mature body.

Holly gets a long hard fucking.

January 14th, 2017

Mature babe Holly is always in need of fucking. She met this guy online and answered the door naked when he showed up at her house. As soon as the door was closed she went to her knees and started sucking his cock. She got him nice and hard then threw him down on the bed and impaled herself on his long hard cock. She rode that dick until she came then she got on all fours and let him pound that pussy from behind. He hit it like he was hanging sheet rock then he had her get back on top and bounce on his cock until she came again. That second orgasm made her pussy so tight he couldn’t hold back so he pulled out and blasted a hot load all over her pretty face. The mature babes at Karup’s Older Women love to fuck and they love to suck and they are always getting into wild fun so the site has to update all the time just to keep up with all these mature hotties adventures.

Horny Lynika gets out all her toys.

January 13th, 2017

Lynika is an older woman that needs to get fucked. She is hot, horny and always ready for a good time. Her body is rocking and looked amazing as she got naked and laid back on her bed. First she used her vibrating dildo. She rubbed it on her clit and got herself nice and wet then she slammed it into her wet love pocket, hit her g-spot and made herself cum hard and fast. She was just getting over the waves of pleasure when she got out the big vibrator and pressed it right on her clit. It got her body rocking again as she shook and moaned and came even harder than the first time. Two orgasms in she was getting worn out, but was still horny and had three more toys to go. The satisfied members of Karup’s Older Women understand that these babes just better, and sexier with age. That is why they keep coming back to watch these horny mature hotties in action.

Carrie gets naked and gets off.

January 12th, 2017

Carrie just turned 40 and her sex drive has kicked into overdrive. This babe is always thinking about sex. She can’t get enough, but she has found most younger studs who can keep up with her in bed are a little intimidated by her. She decided this day to take things in her own hands and strip out of her short red dress, pull her hot little thong off and get down to business. She laid out on the couch and rubbed her nice tits then slowly started to grind on her pussy. When she finally got two fingers inside her clam she exploded like a rocket and came so hard she nearly fell off the couch. Karup’s Older Women brings you nothing but sexy experienced women that know how to have a good time. With tons of regular updates you will always have access to the hottest new older women to play with.

Francesca wears nylons while fucking.

January 11th, 2017

Francesca likes to give her guys everything they want. Like a lot of older women she really knows how to please a man. She met this guy at the door in some very sexy lingerie then as she gave him head she took off the bra and panties, but she left on the garter belt and the thigh high stockings. She climbed up on top of him and sank down on that cock taking it balls deep in her her dripping wet pussy. She ground her hips and bounced on it, riding him like a horny cowgirl then once she came she let him lay her flat on her back and slam her. He ended up with her bent over and his cock deep insider her. She came again and begged him to never stop. She is so good, the young studs like this guy are always coming back for more and she never turns them down. Karup’s Private Collection understands that women get better with age. They have worked hard to build a site with a huge collection of hot older women doing everything your wicked heart could desire and with all kinds of regular updates they are always expanding it.

Mature Desi does a hot striptease for her plumber.

January 10th, 2017

Desi was having some trouble with the plumbing in her house so she called a plumber and had him come over to fix it. Once he got things working again she was so happy she decided to give him a hot little show as a thank you. She sat him down and started to dance. As she moved she slipped her dress down to show off her nice big rack. The dress hit the floor and she slid her hand down the front of her panties. Her pussy was soaking wet so she pulled the panties off, sat on the couch and let him watch as she fingered herself until she came. Karup’s Older Women knows that older babes love to get wild so they stacked the site high with tons of older hotties who are horny as hell and looking for fun and all the satisfied members get to get in on the action.

Holly fucks herself with her glass dildo.

January 9th, 2017

A guy Holly was supposed to have over stood her up at the last second. She was so in the mood that she knew she needed to cum so she slipped out of the sexy leopard print lingerie she was wearing for him and started rubbing her shaved pleasure pocket. As she got wetter and wetter she grabbed her favorite glass dildo, rolled over on her side and slid that toy deep in her pussy. She fucked herself hard and deep with it. Pounding that tight mature pussy until she was moaning with pleasure as she came. She came all over the toy then rolled onto her back and fucked herself more until she came again. It wasn’t as good as a real man, but at least she could keep it going all night. Karup’s Older Women understands that these mature babes need dick and their site chronicles these babes as they find that dick they are craving. With tons of regular updates you will always be up on the hottest new action.

Christina gets naked in her back yard.

January 8th, 2017

Mature blond bombshell Christina was out in her backyard in a short little dress soaking up some sun. She pulled her skirt up and flashed her panties then pulled her panties aside and started rubbing her pussy. She took the dress off and unhooked her bra letting her nice big tits spill out. She kicked off her panties, sat back down in the chair and started rubbing her shaved pussy. She spread those legs open and pressed on her clit, rubbing hard until she came right there in the back yard. You know how mature women are, when they need to cum they have to stop everything and get it taken care of. Karup’s Older Women features nothing but hot older women doing all kinds of naughty stuff. They finger, suck and fuck and the satisfied members get to enjoy every minute of it.

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